Thursday, December 31, 2009

*Happy New Decade! 2010*

So...Its the last day of 2009, or the Decade :D and its pretty exciting! Although I'm stuck here at home with nothing to do and no big plans or parties to attend, I'm getting really hyped up about the upcoming years to come. I know its another year and another day, but its also another chance to start fresh and to start over. As the year closes we should look back and reminisce about the great and unforgettable moments, memories, and experiences we've had and be grateful that we are so fortunate to have been through it. We must also look back on our setbacks and all the negative things we've experienced and how we've grown and learned from them.
Personally, I feel like there is so much that I've taken in, so much emotions and experiences that its all jumbled up in me. :P Life is a roller coaster. You can't always be on top or else you won't experience the thrill or learn what it's like to experience something new at the other side. We have to be optimistic and open our eyes to new things. When we're at the bottom, its up to us to learn what it takes to rise up and reach our ultimate potential and to be ready when we fall again.
If there's one thing I learned this decade, it's that There are more Important things to Life than to worry about useless things that don't benefit anyone. Instead of worrying about material things, your reputation, how others perceive you, or failing, Focus more on what truly matters. For me, what matters most is Selfless LOVE. Love is the most precious gift you can give to anyone & sharing it unconditionally without expecting much in return is the most EPIC thing. Ways of doing this is by first treating yourself and your life with love, respect, and trust & sooner or later you'll find yourself treating others the same way. Think about others who are in need of help and guidance. Just commit yourself and surrender your soul and heart to love and you'll experience something great.
When my sister got into a car accident and I saw how much it effected everyone to see how things can change in the blink of an eye. I learned life is more than having fun, reputation, or fortune or whatever people worry about. Life is precious. So don't waste it.
Never let any experience go to waste. There's always room to improve yourself and just believe that there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Happy NEW DECADE!!! =] The 2000's was filled with memories and experiences we learned a lot from. Make this decade amazing and memorable :) <33

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